The Trimax Topper pasture grass cutter comes with the longest warranty on the market – no other pasture topper compares.

Increase Production with Trimax

The Trimax Topper cuts pasture grass quickly and efficiently with smaller diameter blades than other pasture toppers, which turn at higher speeds. This means more cuts per meter of travel and less travel distance for material being ejected. Very high under-body clearance guarantees low horsepower requirements and Trimax’s exclusive Anti Block System (ABS) prevents frustrating blockages around spindles in extreme conditions.

Short in depth from front to rear the Trimax Topper pasture grasss cutter can be mounted close to the tractor allowing use on smaller tractors and a smaller turning radius for easier access into tight corners. Coupled with our industry leading 3 year warranty – no other pasture topper compares.

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Trimax Topper Mower Features


Cutting Width 2316 mm (91″) No. of Blade Spindles 4
Overall Width 2460 mm (97″) Approx Weight 622 kg
Overall Length 1316 mm (51″) Minimum Tractor Size 45 hp
Cut Height Range 20-160 mm (¾” – 6 ¼“) Warranty (Years) 3
Cutting Width 2740 mm (107″) Overall Width 2880 mm (113″)
Overall Length 1240 mm (48″) Cut Height Range 20-160 mm (¾” – 6 ¼“)
No. of Blade Spindles 4 Approx Weight 640 kg
Minimum Tractor Size 50 hp Warranty (Years) 3
“We use the Topper to keep up the quality of the grass behind the cows. The farm tends to grow a lot of grass early on in the season and it’s hard to control, even with silage, so we top to keep the quality up. We get a nice clean cut which means you get good regrowth. I wouldn’t buy anything else”.


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