“The Striker has been built to withstand all conditions, a good solid mower. We had a test mow on delivery, the grass was about 150mm high and wet, it went great, made a good even cut leaving an even spread of cut grass, we thought it was the best mower we had...


“With the Trimax Stealth I’m able to cut a lot faster than ever before and the height adjustment between runways and apron is so quick and easy.”


“The Stealth has brilliant decks with excellent grass dispersion and minimal greasing required. We can just jump in and cut grass!”


“We’ve been very impressed with the Stealth. It’s a high output, reliable, low maintenance, easy to operate machine. This machine has done a lot of work at Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit prior to the British Grand Prix and we have had really positive...


“We’re impressed above all with the X-WAM’s build quality and the finish it produces at speed. Thanks to the X-WAM’s super-wide cut, we are now able to carry out regular trimming of our turf with one less mowing outfit, saving the cost of a man and...

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